"I'm the Spoon Warrior"
Ally FlutterShy
Bandana Dee
Frank West
Bonanza Brothers
Enemies Benthelooney
Cole MacGrath
Jack Spicer
Samurai Jack


Neutral B - Slash Wave

Steven sticks out his sword, and cause a sound wave of a slash into the opponent. Each wave a slash has identify them by size. If you just press B, the slash will be faster, but weaker. If you hold B to a few second, The Slash will has moderate speed and moderate power. If you Hold B and the sword fully change into Blue, the slash will be it heat-seeks but is the Slowest.

Side B - Stun Pistols

In a similar style to Hitler's Fusilation, Steven fire with his two pistol guns. The bullet can leave a opponent stun for a few second or disable a move. But to preventing spam, the gun will only slot 6 bullet. Meaning that the bullet come back over time.

Up B - The MoBat

In a similar style to The King's Squadala, Steven hops into a fused animal of a Moray and a Bat. When used correcting, it can be used to fly for an unprecedented amount of time. A Single Stun Pistol or a Uppercut Slash can be used in conjunction while in this move.

Down B - Broken Cards

Steven use a bunch of magical glass cards, breaking them into bits. This will become a trap which deals damage when someone touches it. There can be only one broken cards on the stage, so if you throws another one, the old bits will disappear. With Nicholas Cages's Unmasked or Michael Jackson's Hat Throw will easily remove the trap. With Toon Wily's Electric Nightmare, The Broken Cards will throw fiercely into you, doing major damaging elements or relocated on the stage.

Final Smash - Dark Steven

As the Final Smash begin, Steven will let out a devastated scream, transforming into his darkest Rampage mode. Within this state, Steven now has in two sword and will around the stage flying, this has a special moveset:

Neutral B - X Wave Slash

Same as before, but it Level Slashes change. The 1st Level slash will cause normal damage. The 2nd Slash will cause major damage. And the 3rd Slash will cause massive knockout.

Side B - Blackhole Shot

The bullet can leave a blackhole, causing damage and trapping when someone touches it. However, if you shot another one, the old blackhole will disappear.

Up B - Arrow Flight

Same as before, but it now Steven pointing his twin sword as a spinning arrow while flying.

Down B - Death Slash

Two blade will be from Steven's arm and will be used for grabbing.

If the rampage dark form is defeated, Steven will not lose his lifes.

Character Description