Arcade Mode is a secondary game mode in Smash Brothers Elite that allows characters to compete in a Playstation All-Star Battle Royale Style. Unlike Classic Mode in the Smash Bros. Lawl, SBElite only consists of 6 battles, a rival battles, an optional Bonus Stage, and a Final Boss.


The story driving Elite(next to The Story Mode) is that all these Heroes phenomena were invited to the return of The Sun of All Evil, Loc-Nar, with the goals being the true power of Loc-Nar to their reason. Of course, these fighters must through other heroes, followed by proving themselves against %100 of the power of Loc-Nar.


Like in other fighting games, characters have rivals they must face in Arcade Mode. Each character has a rivals that are fought on the 7th battles, respectively. Before a rival battle, the two characters exchange dialogue revealing the reason they are fighting. On the final rival battle, the stage is always The Elite Arena.

Character Fights in Classic ModeEdit

Every character is fought on their respective stages with a three minutes fight or a three limits stock.

Character Bios

Stages: Hectare City(Original/Resistance)

Rival: Blaziken(Pokemon)

Bandana Dee

Stages: King Dedede's Castle(Kirby/Peter's Pete)

Rival: Frank West(Dead Rising)


Stages: TBA(Soul Calibur/TBA)

Rival: Ezio(Assassin's Creed)


Stages: Flaming Tower(Pokemon/Tekken)

Rival: StevenStar(Elite)


Stages: Evergray Forest(My Little Pony Friendship is Magic/TBA)

Rival: Naoto(Persona)


Stages: Danger Ground(Original/Bleach)

Rival: The Bonanza Brothers


Stages: The Destroy City(Sym-Bionic Titan/MegaXLR)

Rival: Filia(Skullgirls)


Stages: TBA(Persona/TBA)

Rival: FlutterShy(My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)


Stages: TBA(Metal Gears/TBA)

Rival: Cole(InFamous)

Bonanza Brothers

Stages: TBA(Bonanza Brothers/TBA)

Rival: Joseph